Votes for Everyone
Votes for Everyone includes migrants, prisoners, homeless and young people within the political process by sharing votes with them.

Votes for Everyone

The most important thing for us to realise is that there is no ‘correct way’ for us to share our votes with each other. Vote-sharing is an idea and nothing more: how you put that idea into practice is up to you!

OK, but how does it work in practice?

There are lots of ways you can get in touch with people to share a vote. Reaching out to someone, either asking or offering to vote-share with them, is the first step. From there, you discuss how you wish to share your vote with your newly found voting partner or partners. This could be in person, over a coffee, via text or phone, or through an exchange of letters or emails: whatever works for you. Once you have collectively decided which candidate deserves your support, the person with the legal right to vote casts their shared ballot on May 7th!

So where does Wealth Equality come in?

Wealth Equality is a bunch of people trying to make society more equal. We think the voting system is as good a place as any to start. If you want our help reaching out to specific groups, such as hard-to-reach prisoners in particular, then we are here to help!

Simply fill in this handy form, and we will put you in touch with a voting partner.

We are also documenting and sharing our experiences of shared voting with the wider public. We therefore invite you to SHARE your stories and experiences of shared voting with us on our blog.

How do I sign up? 

If you are giving a vote:

  • Fill in the form with your details.
  • You will then be matched up to a person.
  • You have the option of either getting in touch with the person you are giving your vote to, or being matched to someone by an agent.
  • You (or the agent) will contact the person who wants to vote.
  • You can then discuss and agree on a party to vote for. Alternatively, the agent will share with you the choice your voting partner has made and their reasons.


If you are receiving a vote:

  • Fill in the form with your details.
  • You will then be matched randomly to a person willing to give their vote.
  • You will then be contacted either by a person who will be giving their vote to you, or by their agent (this may be necessary in the case of prisoners).

What Next?

On May 7th, the person giving their vote will go to the polling booth and vote as decided by their voting partner.

After the experience, we invite you to email in your story to

Wealth Equality, as a movement, is agnostic about how to achieve its aims. Our Votes For Everyone! campaign will have been an amazing success even if it only encourages those who encounter it to think about who we do and don’t allow to vote. But we also hope that this experience can be repeated to bring about electoral reforms, such as:

  1. Lowering the voting age to 16. If you are ready for paid employment, you are ready to vote.
  2. Eliminating poverty within society. We think it is completely unnecessary that such a wealthy country should have such chronic problems with housing and homelessness.
  3. Providing votes to prisoners. The current position of denying prisoners the vote implies that they are less worthy of citizenship. Prisoners are already being deprived of their liberty – there is no valid reason to deprive them of their vote.
  4. Giving votes to migrants who live and work in this country. We think politicians miss the point when they attack migrant communities. People from all over the world want jobs and homes; we are all in this struggle together.



Is is legal?

Yes! There’s nothing illegal about this. If you are giving your vote, you are free to vote as you please, so long as the system is voluntary and without charge!

How can I trust you to not manipulate the system?

Good question. We decided we wanted to give our votes in this General Election, and so we created a system that others could use too. However, we’re encouraging people to pair up directly, outside our website and to share their story on our blog!

What if I want to vote myself?

That’s fine, if you feel passionate about British politics, we are not going to ask you to stop. We just want people to think about the lack of democracy when young people, migrants, prisoners and the homeless are subject to laws that affect their quality of life, without a say about who their MP is.  The people receiving a vote are participating because it is their opportunity to have a voice in this political system.

Is it really worth it?

Absolutely. These are real people, using real votes, finally having a say as to which party they want to see in power.

What has this got to do with Wealth Equality?

You tell me! We live in a very Wealth-Unequal society, propped up by an unequal, unrepresentative government and regulated by an unequal legal system. We at Wealth Equality are not sure where the solution to this problem will be found, but we are certain that the way in which we choose who runs the country has something to do with it.

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