General Election – Reflections
May 6, 2015

Tomorrow morning is the general election.

Tomorrow, some of us will vote, and some of us will not vote.

Some of us will vote because we think it might make the world better. Some of us will vote because we are scared.

Some of us will vote because we don’t want a certain kind of people to live close to where we live. Some of us will vote because we are angry.

Some of us won’t vote because we don’t think that it will make a difference. Some of us won’t vote because we don’t care.

Some of us won’t vote because we don’t want to validate a system that gives only two parties a chance of power.

Some of us won’t vote because we are poor, and we are busy, and we are worried mainly about the rent and the bills, and our children, and we don’t have time to think or worry about the vote.

Voting and not voting are both valid options. Whether you vote or don’t vote, that doesn’t make your views and opinions any more or less valid or correct, and it does not take away your right to have them.

We will wake up the next day, in the same world, and things won’t materially change. Only two parties can win this election, and neither is committed to reducing Wealth Inequality. I have worked within the financial markets, I have seen the huge amount of resources being used now to make sure that the Wealth of the wealthiest grows. Until our politicians, who we expect to protect us, fight to protect and grow our Wealth as hard as the wealthiest in our societies fight to make it theirs, then the economy, as far as it means our jobs, our houses, our public spaces, our lives and our free time, can never get better. We need access to things to be able to live.

By all means vote, or do not vote. But don’t not care. And know that nothing will change tomorrow.

Many of us have difficult lives. We have financial worries. Some of us have worries about rent, and our children. Some of us even worry about food. Many people don’t have the time, the resources, the energy, to give time to changing our society.

If you have time, give some time. If you have energy, give some energy.

Reach out to someone and try to make things better.

This election won’t change things. We can change things.

It won’t happen with one vote. It won’t happen in one day.

But we can.

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