Wealth Equality are opening a bakery!

What has opening a bakery got to do with Wealth Equality?

Thus far, wealth equality has operated around a series of ideas relating to the increasingly perverse inequalities observed in our society. However, the fact remains – these are merely ideas held in abstract, on paper and in conversation.

Opening a bakery provides us with an opportunity to establish these ideals at the heart of a business operating in the real world. To make it explicit, we are creating a business in which every aspect of it is geared towards the equalisation of wealth. We aim to do this is a number of ways; for example in the establishment of a fair wage structure, the reinvestment of profit straight back into the local community, a pricing system which takes into account the ability of people to pay, ‘suspended orders’ – the idea that people pay ahead so that someone else can eat for free, the creation of a free and open community space available to all, and many other such policies.


We are in our very early stages and are in the process of looking for a building or space to operate out of, baking apparatus, and initial funding.

If you are interested in baking, community based work, or any of the values we hold in Wealth Equality please feel free to get involved in whatever capacity you wish. Please use the contact details on our website to contact us via email, Facebook or twitter and come to out weekly meetings.