About us

Wealth Equality is an idea, a movement, and a community made up of individuals hoping to define and imagine a more equal world.

Wealth Equality means what it says: we strive towards creating a better society in which everyone has enough wealth to live a decent, dignified existence. Wealth Equality find ways to give voices to those silenced by our current economic and political system. We are not tied to national, cultural or linguistic boundaries, but are instead united and connected by our desire to create a better future for humanity. That future is Wealth Equality.

More than Wealth?
Wealth Equality recognise that racism, sexism, ableism and other forms of discrimination are related in important ways to the prevalence of Wealth Inequality, even as we recognise that the causes and consequences of discrimination are not reducible solely to economic explanations.
• We positively discriminate in our attempts to include underrepresented people in our society.
• We seek to overcome ‘othering’, that is, the process by which a person or group of people comes to be seen as intrinsically different and alien to the majority.
• We value difference and diversity, empathy and respect.

Our Methods
We have set about achieving our aim of a Wealth-Equal economy by beginning an inclusive conversation between different people, parties and groups who share an interest in our values.

One of our primary goals is the creation of a physical space open to the public. In that space, we plan to define Wealth Equality, to create and collaborate, and to imagine ways out of the problems that afflict our society. We plan to use this public venue to host events, groups and discussions that will help us to understand and overcome Wealth Inequality.

In this open and inclusive building, we will slowly, sustainably, and positively overcome the problems of poverty, homelessness and joblessness at a local, grassroots level. In place of these problems, we will create a thriving, open community of people committed to helping each other to overcome our problems together.

Our community is not run for monetary profit. This means that our staff will be remunerated fairly, whether they are interns or permanent staff. All money we make after covering overheads and salaries will be put back into the community. We are currently developing a socially-just waging policy that will pay people according to their need.

The WealthPress
We are currently in the process of creating a publication called the Wealth Press. The pages of our new institution, both virtual and physical, will provide a voice for those who rarely find their voice in the current papers. We welcome contributions from all members of society.

Votes for Everyone
We believe that the political system, and the electoral system in particular, often plays the negative role of creating and reinforcing Wealth Inequality within our society. In the run up to the British General Election on May 7th 2015, we are running a campaign called Votes For Everyone! The aim of this campaign is to better include marginalised groups within the political process. Our particular focus is on 16-17 year olds, migrants, refugees and prisoners. If you would like to participate in vote-sharing, please consider signing up today!

Lawyers for #WealthEquality
At Wealth Equality, we recognise the important role that law plays in perpetuating a Wealth-Unequal society. We therefore aim to harness the skills and knowledge of our legally trained members to bring about progressive social change.

We are currently engaged in establishing a legal-sector Trade Union, with which we aim to equalise pay and working conditions among exploited paralegals and legal executives. We also aim to challenge legislation that inhibits the ability of workers in general to organise in their workplaces.

Get involved
As we grow and evolve, we hope to develop more projects and we welcome any suggestions, ideas or collaborations with other groups. We are committed to the need for renewal, regrowth and rebirth at every level. Please either come to one of our meetings, or sign up to stay in touch with us. We look forward to building Wealth Equality with you.