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Votes for Everyone
Votes for Everyone includes migrants, prisoners, homeless and young people within the political process by sharing votes with them.
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We are dedicated to understanding and overcoming pervasive wealth inequality, both within and beyond the law

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Wealth Equality is an idea, a movement, and a community made up of individuals hoping to define and imagine a more equal world.

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A discussion on charity in relation to Wealth Equality The controversy of Charity ‘Charity’ is a word that tends to polarise opinion. One view states that it represents an expression of compassion for your fellow man through a selfless action whereby you give up your money to someone more in need of it than yourself. […]

Day of the Vote Swap
May 7, 2015

Votes for Everyone Vote Swap! Tuesday 5th May The evening of the vote swap was upon us. We had gathered for a variety of reasons: some were there to give their vote; others without that right were there to receive one; others still wanted to be part of a process which questioned the very nature […]


Tomorrow morning is the general election. Tomorrow, some of us will vote, and some of us will not vote. Some of us will vote because we think it might make the world better. Some of us will vote because we are scared. Some of us will vote because we don’t want a certain kind of […]

Votes for Everyone at Deptford Market
May 4, 2015

On Saturday the 25th of April we decided to bring Votes for Everyone out into the world for the first time. Where better to do it than Deptford Market? Here is a near-perfect reflection of the beautiful diversity of London, accompanied by a constant bustle and embedded in the heart of a thriving community in […]

Votes for Everyone

Votes for Everyone is as much about the statement you make as it is about the physical act of giving your vote to someone who does not have that right. We believe that this action is a very personal one and we would therefore like to hear from anyone who would be willing share their […]

Votes for Everyone
Votes for Everyone
April 20, 2015

What is ‘Votes for Everyone’? Votes for Everyone is a project which aims to bring unfairly excluded members of our society into the political process. We focus on migrants who have moved to the UK, prisoners, people under 18 and homeless people who live and work here and yet who do not have the right […]

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Meetings and membership are open to all, and you are encouraged to share your stories and experiences of the ways in which wealth inequality has affected you, as well as how it relates to causes and issues you care about.

We are a friendly, collaborative and creative group looking towards better understanding the problem and sharing ideas for solutions.

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